SprotsGloss: Slugging Percentage


Good morning, Sprots Glossers, today’s term is Slugging Percentage (SLG). Slugging is one of the more fun MLB stats as it measures the total bases a batter has reached divided by their total chances of getting on base (AB’s). Each base counts for points. 1st base is one, 2nd base is two, 3rd base is three, and a home run is four.

Batter’s with high SLG can most often be found hitting in the middle of your team’s lineup or starring in the Home Run Derby. Typically, teams look to recruit their “sluggers” in the designated hitter, right field, or third base positions. Hence, names like David Ortiz, Jake Lamb, Josh Donaldson, and Mark Trumbo can be found atop MLB’s SLG leaderboard.

Slugging percentage can be deceiving, however, because there are many second basemen with high SLG thanks to their occasional pop, but frequent doubles. Two doubles are basically the same as one home run, after all. 2+2=4. Math wizards.

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