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Rushing, in real life, is to dash toward something. Like an open bar.

In football, it means to dash with the ball AKA a running play as opposed to a passing play. Rushing yards are a popular statistic that measures the distance a player carries the football. This measurement starts from the point the QB hands a player (usually a running back) the ball to the point where the player is (usually) tackled and smashed into the ground. This yardage is tallied using forward progress, which we covered last week!

100 yards per game is a good benchmark for a proficient running back. So far this year, only one RB is averaging above that 100 mark at 109.2, Ezekiel Elliott. Demarco Murray, David Johnson, and LeSean McCoy are all also at the top of the leader board, in the low 90’s.

This guy:

Can do this:

Which is better than this guy (so far this year):

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