Running the Baeses: Stay Fit at your Playoff Party

Let’s face it, there is no way you are going to eat healthy at playoffs watch parties. It’s A) hella hard and B) no fun being the loser trying to calculate how many grams of BBQ sauce is on each cocktail weenie you’ve skewered.

I’m not here to stop you. You’re allowed cheat days. Nowhere in this article will I suggest sticking to the vegetable platter.

Instead, here are some tips on how to *help* cut the damage you’re doing your allotted calories for the day as you pound back beer and nacho cheese.

1st Baese

Small plates. The secret to getting fit is portion control. There are three really simple ways small plates will help you.

  1. You will be less likely to overeat. I’m not saying you have to limit yourself to one plate, that’s crazy. But your mind will automatically trigger that “people think I’m fat alert” if you have to go back for thirds or fourths. Silly, but effective.
  2. Small plates have built in “rest” time between eating since you will have to go back to the kitchen to get more. This down time, allows your mind to catch up to your mouth so that it can signal that your belly is full bro, you don’t need another jalapeno popper.
  3. Instead of sitting for 30 minutes straight shoveling in every handheld food known to man, you will be forced to GET UP AND WALK to get more food. Built in calorie burn. Bonus.

Small plates, in this instance, means those dessert sized plates. If you are going to a friend’s house and are worried they might not have small plates, bring your own! No one has ever complained or questioned someone bringing extra paper goods to a party.

Catching the game at the bar? Ask for a side plate and serve yourself from the main plate. Or, ask your server immediately for a box with your food so you can box half of your meal before you even start eating. Only allowing yourself to see the smaller portion will keep you from mindlessly eating too much.


2nd Baese

Stand while you eat. You burn over 20 more calories per hour standing than you do sitting. No, that is not much, but it is one more slice of cheese earned per hour! Also, by standing you will be more attentive to what you are doing, which is eating. Sitting down, you are likely to zone out and put food in your mouth simply because it’s there. That means wasted calories.

By standing, you’re more uncomfortable and will be paying closer attention to the food you are eating. Your brain will also be more active, thus facilitating that belly is full signal from 1st baese.

3rd Baese

Workout between plates/beers. Before going back for more, take a 5 minute stroll around the house or knock out 25 squats. Working out between plates has endless benefits but here are the top 3:

  1. Burning calories
  2. Just like the other two baeses, it gives your brain time to tell your body that it’s full.
  3. Working out makes you think about how much hard work you do/have to put in to stay fit and will deter you from going back for more food

*Bonus Bae*

                Set up a workout game along the same lines of a typical drinking game. I’ve copied an NFL based drinking game below. Now sub in 10 squats or lunges or crunches for every drink. For every shot, choose a workout that challenges you a little more like a plank or burpee.

  • (1) Drink: Every time a penalty flag is thrown
  • (1) Drink: For every first down
  • (2) Drinks: for a safety (+2 points)
  • (2) Drinks: for a third-and-long conversion (8+ yards)
  • (2) Drinks: for a big offensive play (20+ yards gained)
  • (2) Drinks: For every big hit by a defensive player
  • (3) Drinks: For a made field goal (+3 points)
  • (3) Drinks: For every coaches challenge. Guess if the call will be upheld or not – if you are correct, give 3 drinks out
  • (4) Drinks: For player injuries (depending on how bad it is you might want to use this opportunity to get food)
  • (4) Drinks: Every time you see an awesome touchdown dance
  • (4) Drinks: For every turnover
  • (4) Drinks: Every time the team you wagered on punts
  • (5) Drinks: When an onside kick is recovered by the kicking team
  • (6) Drinks: For every touchdown scored(+6 points)
  • (6) Drinks: For any other unpredictable big plays like Hail Marys or when a kicker or punter lays a big hit on someone
  • (1) Shot: (optional) For every touchdown, in place of the 6 drinks
  • (1) Shot: (optional) for every punt (Jaguars fans know what I mean)
  • (1) Shot: For every Jaguars touchdown. It doesn’t matter if you’re even watching them play, they’re so bad that America drinks when they score (the first half of the 2013 season is over and they have 0 touchdowns at home)
  • (1) Shot: For every defensive touchdown

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