A Not So Royal Weekend

If you are a Royals fan that hasn’t jumped off the bandwagon, CONGRATS! Chances are, you have been around since before October 2014 and know the long suffering fans have gone through. With that in mind, the Royals won on K-State Sunday, which is no coincidence! Kansas State brings out the best in people, so it was just an EMAW-tastic event!

Royals lost the series against Texas, but now have a chance to go up against the Minnesota Twins on the road…Wait, that sounds terrifying.

With Minnesota having a 33-23 record, they are the new first place in the AL Central. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! THEY WERE SO TERRIBLE! OH MY GOD WHATEVER JUST LET US WIN A GAME! I bet the Royals end up winning the series with two games. No sweeps, the Twins are definitely tough right now and with the Royals being on the road, they might not have the crowd behind them.

In fact, the Royals will be gone for the next 9 days and returning on June 17th to host the Brewers for a couple of games.

If you are into betting, which I definitely am, here are a couple fun bets I placed for Monday’s 7:10 game:

+575 Eric Hosmer will hit a home run

+550 Brian Dozier will hit a home run

8/1 Minnesota will win by 2 runs

I would apologize for saying Kansas City will lose by two… but nahhhhhhhh. This team needs to switch things up and get some sort of fire lit under them to get the momentum back in their favor going into a series on the road with the Twins and then followed by a series at Busch Stadium (or Bush Stadium as most Cardinals fans know it) after a rest day.

So those are my bets, that is my weekend recap.