Royals Tattoo Ideas In Time for the KC Tattoo Convention

The KC Tattoo Convention with Villain Arts is this weekend at the Sheraton Hotel in Crown Center. Tattoo artists from small, in-home shops to celebrity talent from Ink Master and Black Ink will be on hand to show off their latest work as well as create some new pieces on site. It’s impossible to resist the temptation for a new tattoo when you feel the raw adrenaline from fresh ink and hear the soft buzzing of a tattoo gun all around you. But to go unprepared is just silly, so here’s some Royals themed tattoo ideas to help you prep!


For KC’s minimalist:

And for the subtle city lovers:

For the cutesy fans:

For fans all about that #brand:

Hmmm…that tattoo looks familiar…

For the fans who will relish the good times for the next 2+ decades:

For those that want to be just like the pros:

Or for the ones who hope the talent rubs off on them:

Or for those that find portraits creepy and opt for a little more abstract:

For the fans that never want to forget:

For the tattoo ballers:


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