Long Overdue, the Reintroduction of Mizzou Basketball has Arrived!

March Madness isn’t quite over yet but as a Mizzou fan, I cannot wait for next season! If you’re a Tiger fan, you know the disappointment we’ve been dealing with. If you’re a fan of any SEC school or a Big 12 school that still pays attention to us, you’ve probably thrown a jab our way. Even if you’re a fan of a team in Maine, you can at least acknowledge that you haven’t really heard “Mizzou Basketball” tied to anything positive in the past few years.  Unless it was the Rally for Rhyan campaign, which is something anyone can get behind!

Ladies and Gents, I’m here to tell you that I think the struggles for Mizzou Basketball are coming to a screeching halt! Hallelujah!

It seems like months ago, but it was only a few weeks when Kim Anderson announced he would be leaving Mizzou. From there, the series of events can only be described in one word: Exciting!  Coach Anderson is a good person, but the product on the court wasn’t cutting it. I was one of the happiest people watching our win in the first round SEC Tournament game. I was happy for all involved with basketball here. However, I was not happy enough to change my opinion that Mizzou needed to make some improvements.

So from there Mizzou hired a new coach, a new assistant coach, and snagged the #1 recruit in the nation. All within a week. Yeah, to say I was happy at 4:30pm on March 24th is probably the understatement of the year.. I believe I was described as “a giddy child” by those around me.. No shame.

I’m not naive enough to believe that a single player can win a National Championship, and I’m not naive enough to expect a head coach to win one in the first year either. I mean I’d be beyond ecstatic if that happened, like call everyone I know and scream in the phone at them while I dance in my apartment ecstatic, BUT I’m not expecting it! With that being said, we grabbed the #1 recruit in the country! Us! Mizzou!

It wasn’t just the beautiful campus that got him here, we need to say our thank yous.

  1. Thank you UW for firing Coach Romar
  2. Thanks Mike Alden for hiring Coach Pingeton while you were an AD (If you don’t know why, do some research)
  3. Thank you to Columbia for being such a great town that you’d make a kid who could go anywhere in the country, decide he wanted to come home and play here
  4. Thanks Coach Martin for hiring Porter Sr. as an assistant coach


Alright, I think I got the big ones! I could go on for paragraphs about the history of the Porter family and Mizzou, but all you need is a Google or Twitter search and plenty of things will pop up to inform you if you aren’t familiar already. I’m thankful for whatever is getting him here, but I’m more excited for the future! We all should be! I truly believe we have a head coach that is going to get the job done in multiple ways. His determination shown during interviews and speeches, plus his belief in the program makes me more optimistic than I’ve been in a long time!

If we get MPJ as a one and done player, the breath of fresh air and positivity that has surrounded his announcement, along with the hiring of Coach Martin, is a boost that isn’t just exciting. It’s a boost Mizzou needed! I’m hopeful we’ll pull a couple of the other kids that are floating around. Some due to firing of head coaches/new hires and gain some depth with this 2017 recruiting class. With or without them though, Mizzou isn’t going to be a team that only wins two SEC games next season. Nor will we be that two SEC win team in the seasons to come.

Forever Optimistic

As a girl who really invested in Mizzou Basketball during our last season in the Big 12 (Ya know, the one where we beat KU in the Big 12 Tourney and the fans started chanting “SEC, SEC, SEC” as we walked out with the trophy?) and got her heart broken watching, in person, the game we Mizzou fans try to delete from our memories a few days later, I have been very hesitant to be optimistic. However, that all changed in the last few weeks! I may get my heart broken again, but isn’t that just part of being a sports fan?? Get on board everyone! Mizzou Basketball is on its way back and I am here for it! You should be too!