PSA: Valentine’s Day

If you are tired of people in love getting to have all the fun on Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to help you cope with this!

Step One: Get the fuck over yourself. Have you really dedicated an entire day to being jaded and bitter? Do you think wasting time feeling sorry for yourself is going to change anything? If so, we might have a more serious problem than just one day out of the year. Being married or engaged or having a significant other doesn’t mean much if you are only with someone because you have no idea what to do without them. Get yourself together and start loving yourself before you try to drag someone else into your miserable existence.

Step Two: Realize not everyone wants to be in a relationship. Do you go on Tinder and claim it is to meet potential boyfriends/girlfriends? You are lying to yourself. Tinder is for sex with strangers and never speaking to them again. Don’t fool yourself into thinking the dude that came over at 3 am wants to take you out to dinner this weekend. Some people just want to bone. It’s okay.

Step Three: Get drunk. Whenever someone has a bad day, a stressful situation or basically doesn’t know how to handle things… We offer Vegas Bombs and vodka. We also have a case of champagne on hand at all times. There is nothing quite like getting drunk and singing along to boy band music. Or old school rap… Or Celine Dion if you think you can handle it.

Step Four: Be aware. What if I told you not everyone that is married is happy? What if I told you not everyone that appears to have a perfect life on Facebook actually has a perfect life? What if I told you that having someone around all the time won’t fix your problems? What if I told you that you don’t have to be dating someone to be happy? WHAT?!? WHATTTTT!!!!! Wow. This should come to no surprise to those with a brain and a spine. You can’t be happy with someone else if you aren’t happy with yourself.

There are few things more confusing/attractive/ mysterious than liking yourself, having your shit together, and enjoying life. We are all most definitely guilty of drunk texts late in the evening and have even been known to send a drunk email. Whoops. However, hating Valentine’s Day isn’t going to make you any less alone and being in love isn’t going to last forever… So as a public service announcement from all of us here at SprotsTakes… LOVE YOURSELF!