Players Weekend: Royals Nickname Analysis

Players Weekend is coming up August 25-27th and I could not be more excited. One of the most glaring setbacks MLB has on promoting their players and brand is not allowing nor encouraging them to be relatable. How many baseball players are known for being accessible to the common fan? Not many. How many NBA stars are interacting with fans on social media daily? Almost all of them. This Players Weekend finally gives MLB stars a little leeway in the strict uniform guidelines. Players will get to relax a little and have some fun to push them through to tense September.

The Royals have released their nickname jerseys and let’s just say some are better than others…

El Nino

Salvador Perez

El Nino means little boy in Spanish which alludes to Salvy’s innocent, endless love for the game. It also hearkens to him being a dominant catcher at a very young age. El Nino is also the name of the climate cycle that wreaks havoc in the Pacific Ocean, a little nod to some of Salvy’s personality quirks.


Alcides Escobar

Finally, we get an official ruling on how to spell “Esky”. I’m laughing from my high, high horse you “Escy” fools.

Whit Bird

Whit Merrifield

Who is calling you this? Really, though…who? I vote for wHit. Or Whitley. (I looked it up and apparently that’s what his dad called him because Whitley wasn’t enough of a name, you had to put a bird on it? Should have gone with Whit Lion, set this boy up for success)


Danny Duffy

Bear suit–Bear. I guess I can accept this one. Duffy claims it’s because his mom called him “Bear”, but that’s way too much of a coincidence, my dude.


Kelvin Herrera

Twitter has given you 3.2 million nicknames and you go with “H”? Thanks for the HDH PTSD, buddy.


Alex Gordon

Classic. Boring. Totally Alex.

El Boni

Jorge Bonifacio

Bonifacio. Boni. Easy enough. Curious about the “el” in front, putting yourself above your brother, Emilio, maybe?


Eric Hosmer

Papo is a latin term for a friend like “dude” or “bro”. Hosmer says that Eddie Rodriguez and Bryan Pena called him Papo since his call up in 2011. Everyone seems to have adopted it as you can often hear Salvy addressing him that way on his IG stories.


Mike Minor


Michael Moustakas

The most iconic nickname in recent Royals history. Everyone knows Moose, even casual fans.

Lo Cain

Lorenzo Cain

Cain’s nickname came from former coach Ed Sedar and has grown exponentially in popularity with fans over the last two seasons. We like things that are easy to rhyme with.


Jason Vargas

Everyone loves a good “eeeeee” sound nickname. Also happens to have become the nickname of one of our writer’s boyfriends who looks like Vargy. So much so that I’m not sure people actually know his real name anymore.


Joaquim Soria

Jack is the only name you will hear Skipper, Ned Yost, using to address his setup man/closer. I guess Joaquim can come off as pretty pretentious day in and day out.


Peter Moylan

Fact: This is actually Moylan’s long time nickname, he did not just come up with this to be paired with “Hammer” (see below).  Sledge would be equivalent to flaming someone down under. The “sledge-iatto” is what the Royals give credit for their climb back into the race for division leaders as Moylan is both reliever and barista for the Royals. He has even gotten health pscyho, Alex Gordon, to drink his chocolate iced espresso drink.


Jason Hammel

Hammel. Hammer. Not rocket science, but the nick has probably been his since little league. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Moss Dogg

Brandon Moss

Old dude trying to stay relevant alert. Valiant effort, bruh.


Ian Kennedy

Maurer Power

Brandon Maurer

This is a “my mom called me that” nickname if I’ve ever heard one.

The Don

Drew Butera

Officially the ONLY nickname on the list I had to check the number on the jersey to know. The Don? Cmaaaaaaaaan. You’re Butes. Or The Hair. Hair Flip? Literally anything else. The Don. LOL. #extra


Scott Alexander

Couldn’t even give me a Scottie? Xander? Alex the Great? Zilch? Ok.