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Passion is defined as:

: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

: a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way

: a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone

As sports fans, almost all of those definitions ring true in one way or another. I have lived a life full of passion and emotions based around sports for as long as I can remember. No matter where I lived, where I traveled or where I got lost…Kansas City sports always made me feel at home. The ties to Kansas City are so deep, I now have a “1738” tattoo on my traps. However, this isn’t about my love of my teams. This is about the passion in life that we all have. Some people use their passion to obsess over sports, some people use it to fuel their motivation, some people use it to live life to the fullest and some people just don’t have passion for anything.

I, for one, would love to know how to be less passionate. I feel like it would be a completely different feeling, something a little more cold hearted than I am used to. If you could walk past someone shivering and in need of something simple like clothes and NOT help them, then you probably won’t understand what I am writing about. The passion that resides in each of us can be used for good and that is what I want to encourage.

This website was founded as a joke. This website is now a goddamn corporation. As I write this, we have so many things in the works with so many amazing women that are passionate about empowering the women around them as well. Without these passionate writers, personalities, and boss ladies… I would not be where I am today. Sure, we joke around about things a lot on this website and at the end of the day, it is truly a family; albeit a dysfunctional one at times, a family nonetheless. I want this family to continue growing their passions and their interests. This means more topics than just sports. This means a look at the culture of being a boss bitch in 2016. This means showing the inner workings of a generation that is mostly disregarded for being lazy, entitled and appearance obsessed. Not an easy thing to accomplish when everyone else seems to look down at our weirdly intricate, yet headstrong millennial culture.

While most of the time we have a great look going on in our individual style, we are not here to sell you our looks. That would be something you can get on every street corner and every magazine you pick up. You want to bash women on their appearance? Don’t bother coming here. You want to rip someone apart over their choices they make for their own life? Don’t bother coming here. You want to see scantily clad women pretending to be dumb because that is what men like? Don’t bother coming here. Sure, we can all take a solid selfie and smize with the best of them… but there is so much more to these boss ladies than duck face and tits. I’m really excited to be sharing more of our writer’s passions with the rest of you and cannot wait for you to see all of these ladies shine even more than they already do.

The process of finding your passion in life is not easy for everyone and it isn’t something to do lightheartedly. Finding your passion in life is exciting and freeing. Finding what you want to wake up and do every day if you could do anything in the world is so empowering. Some people want to conquer the world, some people want to learn how to cook just one dish really well. Some people want to write about sports with fellow hard working women and luckily that is exactly what we can do for them at Sprots Takes.

There will always be people that doubt you. There will always be people who underestimate the empire that you are building. There will always be people who tell you that you aren’t doing it right. There will always be people waiting for you to fail. The difference between those people and the people that I have the pleasure of working with? Passion. Find what moves you, find what drives you, find what makes you want to be a better person and run with it. You can thank me later.



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