It was Their HOUse: Sooners Scoop

Breana AviWhen a team starts a game and (within minutes) scores what looks to be an easy touchdown, most would assume that they should run away with the game.  That assumption led to heartbreak for OU fans on Saturday morning.
January 2016, I packed my bags and headed to Miami for the Orange Bowl.  Hundreds of miles from home my heart was broken while I was stuck surrounded by Clemson fans.  Getting on a plane to Houston on Friday I had much higher hopes for the Sooner boys.  Safe to say Sunday when I woke up and only had OU clothing to put on, it definitely felt like a walk of shame.
Houston played hard, very hard, and they deserved to win much more than the Sooners did.   Last season watching Baker Mayfield play I loved how aggressive he was compared to Trevor Knight.  Knight was always iffy on making a run himself or even getting close to being tackled.  Baker however was all about making plays no matter what was going to happen to him.  Then Saturday happens.  Baker the ball hog tried to make those plays too much on his own, he wanted to make a name for himself.  Instead, he ended the first half only throwing 9 passes.  They had OU shut down on the run game, there was no offense coming from Oklahoma.
The second half went even worse.  Houston ran away with the game beginning with a 109 yard return from a missed field goal.  That was just the beginning of a downward spiral to occur from the Oklahoma boys.  The fourth quarter came quickly, and showed no hopes of the Sooners coming back.  The OU fans left the stadium baffled, with Houston winning 33-23.
So what’s to come from the Sooners for the rest of this fall?  I will not continue the next few months with the highest of hopes.  We should take ULM, not because it will be an easy game, but it will be easier than Houston.  First home game, in a renovated stadium, Sooners should take it.  Ohio State on the other hand could be a nightmare.  They beat Bowling Green, who is not a bad team at all, by 67 points.  If the Sooners don’t figure it out in the next 12 day, this could easily start as a 1-2 season.  I had always been skeptical of OU beating TCU in Fort Worth, and their performance in Houston just reassured that feeling.  That only covers the first month of College Football.
To the OU boys, I think your fans traveling around the country to watch you play are about ready to be coming back home with a win.
And to the OU traveling fans, thanks for not leaving me alone surrounded by horrendous orange with Clemson and bright red with Houston.  However, I will not be joining you while you’re surrounded by purple at TCU.  But hey, at least ticket prices have gone down?

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