Nebraska Update: One Game at a Time


wiemersOne game at a time – I will continue to preach this throughout the entirety of Nebraska’s season. The next 3 games are MUST wins. There are no easy wins, there is no such thing. College football is an unpredictable beast of a sport – Illinois, Indiana, Purdue – any of these teams can wreck your shit.

Last week’s foe, Northwestern, has been defeated, 24-13. I was nervous the whole game…Northwestern moved the ball with a lot of success, they just couldn’t capitalize. Oh and don’t forget those awesome Nebraska turnovers in the end zone. Granted both were arguably flukes, they both sucked and were unnecessary. That’s 12-14 points left on the field.

Did it help that Ryan Field was filled with mostly red? Yes. Will it be like that every away game? No. The huge factor in Nebraska’s win over Northwestern was Tommy Armstrong keeping the ball moving. He rushed for 132 yards, a record for him. Along with his passing yards, Armstrong earned himself Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. He earned it! This game win sits solidly atop Tommy Armstrong’s shoulders. The rest of the team played ok, average at best. And do we have a punt returner? Where are you? Please find your way to field next week.

Still, the Huskers have squeaked into the rankings at #15. I refuse to be too optimistic…but it feels damn good. The next 3 games will be a chance to dominate the B1G West and prove Nebraska can and WILL hang with Wisconsin. The 3 game stretch starts with Illinois at home, Indiana on the road and Purdue at home. The Huskers cannot lose sight of these games and only focus on the future. Make them all a goal but as always, one game at a time.

#15 I love you

1An interesting and important note to Saturday’s game was 3 Husker players choosing to kneel during the singing of the National Anthem. Most notably among them was Michael Rose-Ivey. Two freshman joined him – Mohamed Barry and DaiShon Neal. Rose-Ivey had discussed his plan to kneel with the team and with Coach Riley before the game. It would seem he had everyone’s blessing and that his decision would be respected. I can only imagine the emails the University of Nebraska has received this week. The hateful comments on social media have been abundant – including death threats to these fine young men.

Take a moment and read Michael Rose-Ivey’s statement. Forget any bias and remember this is a human being. Forget skin color, forget what you think you know and believe.

Reading the social media comments made me sick (with a few bright spots of supporters which is very wonderful indeed). It also made me realize I do not do or say enough to support promoting equality and eradicating systemic racism in this great country. I have a lot to think about – the preference to remain in silent support is not support.

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