Offseason Uneasiness

It is official. The next time I will watch a live football game I will have turned a year older, watched the Royals on opening day, cheered on the Kansas State baseball team, finished two semesters of college and I will be warm. I am really excited about the being warm part since winter is getting old. How will I cope? Probably college basketball, baseball, rugby and beer. HOWEVER…I will still be miserable until the fall.

The Super Bowl was nothing short of exciting this year and was a step or two up from the snoozefest that Peyton starred in last year. I knew the Patriots would win from the moment they lost the coin toss. I remained strangely calm with my decision until the end and regret nothing. The only recurring thought in my head during the entire game was, “SO THAT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO HAVE AN O-LINE AND A SOLID QB THAT HAS TIME TO PASS TO A WIDE RECEIVER!”

You’ll have to excuse that thought, I’m a Chiefs fan and have no idea what those things would be like. Watching SB49 made me excited for the draft and the upcoming season. While I mentioned I will just be sitting around miserable until the fall, I definitely don’t think I will be bored. The news spinning out lately sets a precedent for the rest of this year: welp.

I’m not here to cast judgment on professional athletes and their decision making skills. I’m not here to decide who goes to rehab, who has a problem and who gets to be deemed as perfect. I have no idea how I would react in their situation or how much more obnoxious I would be in general with that type of fame and money. I’d love to believe that I would be super grateful waking up every day and getting paid to do something I love. I’d love to believe I could say no to alcohol in a social setting. I’d love to believe that I wouldn’t hire escorts and then get in an unknown physical altercation with them. (I’m almost 88% sure the escort thing wouldn’t happen, but you never know)
In my daily life I get to attend school mostly online, work from my home and have a very flexible schedule. I take that for granted when I hear of people complaining about their office situations. Not sure if they are completely comparable, but when you get used to a certain way of life, you might start taking things for granted.

With that being said, there is a strong possibility that guys like Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon are suffering from a splash of bad decision making. Manziel had the eyes of the college football loving nation focused solely on him during his last year at Texas A&M. His charming and slightly cocky personality made him the target of plenty of scrutiny. His complete disregard for rules made him disliked by many. His partying and wild ways finally caught up to him in Cleveland. Whether or not Manziel stops drinking and partying as a young kid is not the reason I believe he will be better off after rehab. The reason I believe Manziel needs to go to a treatment facility is to get away from the pressures and the voices surrounding him and enabling his party boy ways. If Johnny wants a lesson in how to party like a rock star and still win championships, his boy Gronk could help him out. In order to truly be great you have to be able to work hard, play hard and walk the walk. Lots of generalizations in that sentence but they all describe how I feel about these talented young guys wasting their time trying to keep up with their party boy image. In Josh Gordon’s open letter to Charles Barkley, (and everyone else that criticized his decision making skills) Gordon asked for an apology. While I understand where he is coming from with the level of disrespect of strangers criticizing him, this is the business he is in.

The best way to silence the naysayers and haters? Keep quiet and focus on becoming a better person, family member, teammate, etc. before you start asking for apologies. Proving people wrong can be some of the greatest motivation in the world and in the curious cases of Manziel & Gordon… might just be their best bet.

I’ll be practicing what I preach by diving into the wide world of draft prospects and if you see me live tweeting things as boring as my daily life remind me of this article.



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