Offended? Neat!

There are few things greater in life than a group of sports fans banded together in a pretty boring first weekend of football to laugh about dick jokes.

Alright, unless you follow this website for solely the tits and ass we can’t stop flaunting, you probably saw the halftime show at Kansas State University. Well, at least a 17 second clip of the show. What you might not have seen was the rest of KSU’s halftime show that featured Star Trek and Star Wars tributes. I would expand on these tributes but I have never seen Star Trek and fell asleep every time I attempted (aka was forced) to watch Star Wars. The tribute was wildly popular on the internet simply because of this video:

So there it is, the Jayhawk getting a phallic object stuffed into their beak. The problem with the outrage over this Jayhawk? It is just like anything else on the internet that is open for interpretation but has no backing of malicious intent. Look, you can read between the lines all you want and act like a complete moron about this unfortunate coincidence. There is a fine line between being truly rocked to your core and offended so deeply by someone’s words and actions and being up in arms about a halftime performance.

How do I feel about people ACTUALLY being offended by this? The same way the president of K-State feels.

Sums up this weekend in one awesome quote picture:

Alright, enough with the quote pictures. If you want to know how I feel about the world lately, I’ll let you know. Yes, this relates to sports in a very round about way, but just listen.

There are very few things that I haven’t heard and that can offend me. When I feel offended and really upset by what someone says, that is on me. After the bullshit that has been flown around on social media, I get it. I don’t want to sit here and laugh at people who are truly upset that K-State’s band had a phallic object in the face of a Jayhawk. If it bothered you, I am sorry you feel that way. If you laughed about it, welcome to the majority of the population.

If being offended is your thing, I have a feeling there will be plenty more opportunities coming up this football season.