Octagon of Doomed?

I will be the first one to admit that I was not happy with the Bruce Weber hire because I grew accustomed to the illustrious and frightening Frank Martin. Now that I’ve come clean we can move on to things like the current state of Kansas State’s basketball team.

A beautiful act

Last night we made a lot of improvements against a top Iowa State team on the road in their stadium with it’s self proclaimed “Hilton Magic” in full effect. If magic means a home court advantage while struggling with a lead back and forth with an unranked Kansas State… I’m good. Despite the Cyclones (wtf, how is that a bird?) letting Marcus Foster destroy some fools at the end of the first half and get Iowa State’s lead down to one point… Kansas State did not capitalize on their strengths at the end of the game. Didn’t even score at the end of the game. Why? Nino Williams and Marcus Foster were dominating the scoring and assisting charts all freakin’ night.

Because we still aren’t quite there.


Bruce Weber is a man that will take blame for a lot of things and I admire that. However instead of taking blame for the reason we fail time after time I would enjoy seeing him just fix the problem we have with winning games. The problem is that we lose. So let’s stop doing that. Really though, the offense looked lost and jumbled in the last 5 minutes of the game. I sat back and asked why they weren’t running any sort of aggressive plays and slowing down the game enough to at least score. This lackadaisical style of offense was easy for Iowa State to capitalize on, so they did.

Now what?


Kansas State comes back to the Octagon of Doom(ed) on Saturday to face Oklahoma State. Then we host the one and only Huggie Bear on Tuesday. Then we go to KU. Uhhhh… Yeah. Thank goodness we have a couple of games to work out our poor performance under pressure! What can we expect from this Kansas State team? The future is cloudy with a giant chance of EL NINOOOOOOOOOOO! Seriously though, Nino Williams took flight against the #tornadobirds last night and I was very impressed. The senior took a stance against Hilton Magic and was on a personal mission to have one of his best games. With a career high 22 points, last night’s game was a great step forward for Nino and a small step back for Kansas State since the short winning streak we were on came to a halt.

Where was this type of motivation in non-conference play? Who gives a shit! Just go with it.

go with it

Thomas Gipson was there! He showed up and played well! Bruce Weber even used the word “poised” to describe it! Alright, big guy! I’m hoping this trend of leadership, talent and focus continues as Kansas State hosts Oklahoma State (2-3 in Big 12 play) on Saturday. This would be a great home game to come back and win.

A couple of weeks ago I was calling for people to bring Frank Martin heads to Bramlage to prove a point that we need to light a fire under this team and get them a little more motivated. I will now take full credit for getting this team amped up out of fear of Frank Martin’s face showing up in Bramlage again.

You’re welcome Kansas State fans.

The return back to Manhattan for the next two conference games will give Kansas State an opportunity to regroup, practice late game strategies, keep conditioning hard so we can keep up with Big 12’s fast paced play and get back to intimidating the hell out of visiting teams.

Based on the signs of life from this team over the last week, the Octagon is not doomed.


  • Karen Wiemers

    Gat….I agree wholelheartedly, however….I loved Frank Martin and loved the way he got everyone fired up. Those flashing black eyes were enough to chill me to the bone! I watched last night’s performance and could not believe the coaching, or lack of by Weber…why was Foster on the bench so much? And how they lost that game in the last few minutes due to looking like they WERE LOST….I was screaming at the tv, and I don’t even like KST. thanks for a very insightful article. Go KU! And Huskers!