Not This Year, Northwestern: Huskers Preview


wiemersAfter the spectacular win over Oregon last Saturday, the last thing Nebraska needs is to falter on the road against a 1-2 Northwestern. Last season, the Huskers went 2-3 on the road. I hate road games. They make me nervous. They make me hate the @ sign.


Nebraska has gone 3-2 against Northwestern since joining the Big Ten. Almost all of the games have been absurdly close with crazy finishes. I DO NOT WANT THAT THIS YEAR. Northwestern is not good. There is no excuse. BEAT THEM HANDILY, I DEMAND IT. There is much talk that the Huskers could be undefeated going into the Wisconsin game…one game at time, one game at a time. 

3So, about that win last Saturday… I was pretty happy. Was it a solid on-the-field win? No, not really. Definitely did not have the strong start I wanted, and Oregon basically handed us the win with all those failed two-point conversion attempts. But a win is a win! *Please see proof at the end of this article that I have an actual smile with actual teeth, and the No. 1 smile factory is my love for Husker football.

This win brought great positive attention to Husker football. And a place in the Top 25 rankings. I’m closer and closer to truly putting the Weemy stamp of approval this team. Again, one game at a time. 

6:30 pm. Saturday. Big Ten Network. Nebraska versus Northwestern. Can’t wait to see all the red in the stands!





Weemy smile siting
Weemy smile siting

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