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Today the internet was won by Twitter user, Megan Brown.


What is it about saying you enjoy sports that causes someone to start quizzing you on sports trivia? Who knows? It’s probably just a conditioned response that someone above my pay grade can explain. With the miraculous invention of the internet (that Sprots Takes totally invented), we are able to see the ups and downs of modern dating. Consider this exchange happening in real time and I would have just simply listed the teams and moved on to the inevitable next question. This lovely lady decided to break the norm and let her charming suitor know exactly how she felt about being quizzed over sports. Not only was the response absolutely perfect, I’m almost positive that this tweet helped someone out there that thought they were being cute.

When a woman tells you “I really enjoy fashion,” you don’t ask them about specific trends and looks throughout the years and quiz them on a specific designer’s emergence into mainstream fashion.

When a woman tells you “I really like cooking,” you don’t ask them how many cups of flour would be required for a standard yellow cake mix.

When a woman tells you “I really like scrap-booking,” you don’t ask them what type of scissors they prefer and if they know how to properly cut a straight line and apply glue the right way.

When I first started lifting weights again with my trainer (shout out to Sarah G) I was quizzed over what techniques we were using and if I was doing it properly. I would summarize my workouts and get nervous talking about my routine in case I screwed up the terms. After a while, I stopped responding to the questions and the criticism of others. I lost weight, felt great and continue to lift at least 3x a week to this day.

So when a woman dares to enter the world of something deemed “masculine,” why exactly are they quizzed over if they really know what they are doing? When I say that I have experience with being interrogated with how much I actually know, I could go on for hours. Somehow I still find myself answering the stupid questions that people ask me to validate if I truly know what I am talking about. I don’t accept this in other areas of my life, so it makes zero sense to accept the stream of questions about my knowledge to prove myself to people I don’t even know.

What happened when I started lifting weights was simple, my results started speaking for me. The inches fell off and my body completely changed shape. What used to be a keg of a belly is now a nice solid pony-keg. What used to be an extension of my hamstrings into my back is now a legit back end built from squats and dead lifts. My point of all this is that I stopped answering inquiries and started letting my hard work and results speak for me. I stopped encouraging the questions to continue by simply showing them I knew what the hell I was doing.
With Megan Brown’s tweet today, I realized the problem exists by feeding into the questions and trying to prove your worth as a sports fan by jumping through hoops. This is my statement of accountability that I will not feed into the quizzing, the hoop jumping or anything else to prove how much of a sports fan I am. From now on I will simply let my love for the my teams radiate with a smile and by handing them my MFCEO business card to let them find my hot takes online.

How do you respond to the quizzing of your sports knowledge?
For those of us without a super cool Sprots Takes business card, how do you respond to the questions?
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