Nebraska…Beat Indiana, M’kay?




Indiana is no slacker. Come Saturday, Nebraska will be facing its toughest opponent this season ON THE ROAD. Coming off the bye, on the road, injuries (Ozigbo, Westerkamp, Carter)…it all makes my nerves cringe. Not to mention this is the first Big Ten meeting between Indiana and Nebraska. Consider Wiemers uneasy.


The Huskers need to channel their inner Ken Bone and slay Indiana. For once this season, this team needs to start strong. I mean I’m loving outscoring opponents a bazillion to zero in the 4th quarter, but that’s doing nothing for my blood pressure. Grab that mic, straighten your awesome sweater, put on that confident smile and DESTROY INDIANA.

The number 10 team in the nation is not allowed to lose Saturday. GO BIG RED. BEAT INDIANA.


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