Nebraska at Miami: Former Powers Bowl


Milk was $0.92 a gallon

Gas was $0.20 a gallon

A postage stamp was $0.03

1951 is also the year the Nebraska vs Miami rivalry commenced and therefore the heated emotions began through Cornhusker and Hurricane fans of all ages. While Miami won that game, Nebraska came back a couple years later to win and even the score. As it sits currently, Nebraska has a slight lead on the series at 6-5 overall. Emotions will run high as two former superpowers that are not in their best season face each other for the bragging rights.

As recently as last year, Miami visited Nebraska and lost to the Cornhuskers while Nebraska was still being coached by Bo Pelini. While Nebraska was restructured following the 2014 season, Miami has pretty much stayed the same. Al Golden is going into his 5th year coaching for the Hurricanes and has definitely proven himself able to take the heat. Miami fans certainly are terrible at losing so over Golden’s time there the fans have shared their displeasure of not winning very openly.

Miami’s football team is no stranger to controversy and no stranger to being under a national spotlight. While being irrelevant on the college football scene is far from the issue, being under-utilized and out played certainly is a problem. Golden still has yet to prove that he can consistently keep his team competing with rivals or even just well rounded teams. The fans will be eager to get a win over this long time rival and send Nebraska back home with another reason for their fans to complain.

I don’t believe Nebraska will walk away from this road test with a victory, which will put them at 1-2… and as any Nebraska fan knows, that would be the worst start in a long time. Since I’m a K-State fan covering Nebraska simply because we cover Nebraska, I would like to see them do well and represent. Hiring the super squeaky clean Mike Riley wasn’t going to be the immediate fix, and neither was getting rid of Bo Pelini. This era of Nebraska football is in over it’s head, point blank. Until they fix the issues like not being able to stop the opponent in the air, the powerful Nebraska program will not be back on top anytime soon.
Miami 28, Nebraska 13.


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