NCAA Tournament: Will Kansas’ streak continue?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Thanks to college basketball, the already fantastic month of March transforms into a sports fan’s paradise right before our eyes. What starts with conference championship tournaments unfolds into “Selection Sunday” and into the Big Dance. For teams that have been in the heat of all the action, a tournament bid is inevitable. For teams that have been up and down throughout the season, the possibility of being left out of the NCAA Tournament is a real fear.

The Big 12 is known for competitive basketball and a round robin schedule, which insures each team will play each other twice. With such a well-rounded schedule, the Big 12 is known for consistently being in the top conferences for basketball year after year. One main reason? The incredibly dominant streak of reaching the tournament for so long. Kansas has made the tournament 27 times in a row, will they keep the streak going and make it 28?

Another Kansas team that has almost everything on the line with the upcoming Big 12 Tournament? Kansas State, obviously. The departure of John Currie paired with lackluster performance from Bruce Weber’s team has not fared well in Big 12 action. The only streak the Wildcats have going for them is losing in the first game of the NCAA Tournament as well as being left out of the tournament altogether. Weber looks to save his job and get the Wildcats into the Big Dance by beating high seed Baylor on Thursday night.

Selection Sunday begins March 12th and the programs will both know their fate. One Big 12 Kansas team looks to extend their streak of 27 consecutive tournament appearances and the other Kansas team looks to simply stay afloat in the postseason. For the full schedule and more information regarding the tournament, be sure to check it out on the official NCAA Tournament website found here.