My Heart Will Go On


Listen to this once… get the hell over the Chiefs loss and focus on this awesome 10 days of recovery before we face the communist Broncos.

Seriously, it was an NFL game loss, not the loss of your liver or something really important. You’ll survive, Oakland will never forget and cling onto that win like it’s the 1989 State Championship ring from their glory days and we will beat the Broncos.


Yeah, I said it. Kansas City is gonna stomp on the baby back Broncos.

I have faith that this team will learn from their mistakes like a toddler in potty training and come back and crush the over inflated ego of every single Broncos fan right into the ground. Imagine Kansas City is the iceberg in the blockbuster film “Titanic.” Now, unless you are one of these special people and you have no idea what happens in the movie… the iceberg wins. Like big time. Down goes the mighty and unsinkable Titanic and the iceberg is just chillin’ over in the ocean like “sup?”

So, Mr. Peyton Manning and your unsinkable Broncos, you’re on watch.


Not only will Dwayne Bowe taste the rainbow and get a touchdown, but we’re gonna sack Peyton at least twice. Look, when they actually win and you all thought I was crazy, this will seem a lot more prophet-like and a lot less insane.

The men, women and children of Kansas City will rejoice and everything will be right in this world.

And if not, there is always beer.




What are your game predictions?



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