Here Comes Mullet: Early Victories


4:30 pm  

Lawrence, Kansas 


Sorry, Diary. We were up so early that I didn’t have time to write anythin’. Mike was really rushin’ me. 11 am games are awful, especially when you have to start preppin’ so early. Alright well here’s the deal–Kansas is a lot better. I mean Beaty is doin’ a lot for that program. It started up kinda high for them, but then it just fell behind. They figured out how to cover James and somehow managed to bring Mase down about 5 times. I uhh… was not okay with that. He’s too big and delicate for that. Every time he hits the ground, I have to hide behind trusty visor, whose name I never got. 

The true story of the day was BEN BEN BEN BEN! You have to do the Daniel Bryan finger pointin’ thing. That boy tied, then broke, Dan Bailey’s all time scorin’ record and he ended the day settin’ a new record at 383 points.  

Mike is always talkin’ about how it’s always about turnovers; and it really is. Kristen makes really good apple turnovers. She’s so great. Our rugby team, I mean D line, really helped us force and capitalize on turnovers. Mike wasn’t too happy about all the laterals, he’s more of a “tuck and go” guy. I was kind of hangin’ off to the side after a while, we were so far ahea. I only looked up every once in a while when visor would give me updates. I never really get to know any of these new visors. They just come and go. There’s a black one that I really became accustomed to, but I have no clue when I’ll see him again. He was a nice guy.

Well, Diary, we crashed KU’s homecomin’ and left nothin’ but orange in Memorial Stadium. Good thing we didn’t bring Bullet, he loves sunflowers. I wonder if I can bathe in the orange fountain. West Virginia is NOT ready for AMERICA’S BRIGHTEST HOMECOMING!!!

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