Here Comes Mullet: Bye Week Before Bedlam Edition


sumerWe’ve been busy doin’ nothin’. A bye week was perfect goin’ into Bedlam. Mike keeps sayin’ that we’re so much healthier than we were last year. We’ve been able to keep our boys as fresh as possible. From what I’m seein’, we’re in a favorable position. I can’t tell you how excited I am for Bedlam, Diary. I’ve heard non stop about how huge it is for us. The fact that this game is also decidin’ the conference makes it even more important.  People keep talkin’ about rankins’ and the CFP, but we can’t think about that right now. We have somethin’ a little closer to home to handle first. This game means a lot to this school, this state, and the Gundy family. 

Mike tries to be civil when he talks about Cale, but he’s been ignorin’ his calls. Cale, if you’re readin’ this, go away. We had to look at him all day on thursday, it made me curl up. They didn’t talk a whole lot about it though. Why do people ask Mike if I’ve “changed” him or if I’m extra work? I’m just here hangin’ out with him. He’s a cool guy. He took me huntin’ and we had a really good time. Guys bein’ dudes. My fate is brought up week after week. People keep askin’ him when he’s goin’ to cut me. I guess I know how Charlie Strong feels. Too soon? I don’t really have much else for ya, Diary. I thought I would make it short and sweet, while still keepin’ ya updated. We’re headin’ to Norman soon. Asp Street isn’t ready for me. Seriously, how do they survive with just a “Corner?” We haven’t even left and I already miss Washington Street.

I wanna be formal-like, but I’m here to party. 

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