Here Comes Mullet: Bedlam Edition


Time is lost 

I am nowhere 


I don’t know how to feel, Diary. OU is not my BigXII champion. It started as bad as it ended. It was rainin’ like you wouldn’t believe. We held on for the first half but then we kind of just fell apart. I don’t know. Mason was not as majestic as he normally is. Receivers were dropping open and crucial passes. Oklahoma was losin’ player after player and they were still better. I stayed hidden under Mike’s hood because I was so scared. But in the end, they got it done. I’m just tryin’ to get the image of Baker runnin’ around on the field out of my head. I don’t even know. Our defense died. Our offense died. I don’t know. At least we had 3 good play. Cason’s run and Barry’s return.

But anyway. We have to move on. We’re playin’ Colorado in the Alamo Bowl. I heard I’m supposed to remember the Alamo, but I’ve never met him. I’m just ready to go home. Norman is gross. OU is gross. It’s bowl season now. We have to figure out how to wrangle buffalo I guess. 

Mullet out.

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