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Found a few tweets yesterday that inspired an article about women in sports radio:


Women need a voice in sports radio, sports writing, and really anything that has to do with sports. The discussion opened up again with Ryan Davis questioning the radio station he listens to in Chicago for not having more female guests or *gasp* even co-hosts! This was something that Sprots has been passionate about for a while, since ya know… we are women talking about the HOT TAKES of SPROTS! While our website focuses on the lighter side of sports, we are passionate about women being able to voice their opinions and be heard. The Kansas City area of sports radio has been long ruled by men and that is okay. What WE want to see is more involvement from the area stations to work women into their shows as much as possible. One shining example of this? Trenni Kusnierek appearing on 810 WHB’s Border Patrol with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty. Trenni’s segment is always full of solid information, laughs and insight on hot topics in sports.

Our radio show is on hold right now, which ICYMI: I have a really bad cough, terribly sore throat and then some that has caused me to take time off. How much time off? Not 100% sure, but we WILL be back. I loved our show being on because it gave me a platform to sound off about all the sports topics that were popping up right and left. Now, I have channeled a lot of my time normally spent prepping for the show and producing the show into writing for our site. While this is a great outlet, it is still not the same. I love sports radio. I love conversations and interviews and finding out more about people and what makes them tick. The anger and debate culture of sports radio has it’s place, but I prefer it is sparingly used and to keep it light.

I started loving sports at a young age and have always been active in the Kansas City area as a sports fan, even when forced as a small child to endure terrible Royals baseball. I was raised on sports shows across the metro area and have a father that is equally passionate (to a fault at times) about the history of sports talk in Kansas City. Why do I think that our little blip of an internet hosted sports talk show has a bright future? Because Kansas City is in a place of greatness and all eyes are on this bustling little town. With sports being the epicenter of our city’s culture and conversations, the same ol’ same ol’ won’t cut it anymore. With each show and with each podcast, we are building up an arsenal of evidence that we can keep up with the top stations! I’m excited. Our next step? Aiming at working with iHeartRadio in the fall once we are in full swing of COLLEGE FOOTBALL OMG I AM SO EXCITED! It’s something to work up to and we look forward to providing more hot takes for you all once I am done being sick. Regardless of our future and our “place” in Kansas City sports talk, we will continue doing our part to bring you an alternative from a woman’s perspective.

We wanted to take a minute to thank each and every person that has helped support Sprots Takes over the last year of existence (our rebirth was August 31st, 2015) and helped us grow!


Rick Tittle of Sports Byline USA & 95.7 The Game


Greg Smith & ESPN 1480
Cody Hudson of ESPN 94.1


Steven St. John, Nate Bukaty & Jake Pounders/Gutierrez of 810 WHB


Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports Radio
Faux Pelini, Man of Mystery and lover of hot #sprotstakes


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