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It’s been a rough couple of weeks, KC. We all could use some laughs, therefore, I’ve decided to revive Mindiana Jones Investigates: KC Missed Connections! Missed Connections is a sad, sad section of Craigslist where users can leave messages about someone they creeped on in the hopes that their special someone also happens to go to missed connections and sees their weird message.

Unfortunately, very few people lost their true love at the Chiefs playoff game, so I’m opening this round of posts to the general metro.

Enjoy, Kansas City.

QT: Where you can find love and a taquito at the same time. Which is pretty redundant, as a QT taquito is love.


Hi, ladies! If you’re interested in dating a man who told you he was an OB-GYN, but admitted in a Craigslist post he was lying, please message him back ASAP! He may be needing some love after KU’s recent basketball drama.


There’s nothing more Kansas City than finding love in the drive-thru of Go Chicken Go. Don’t forget the G-Sauce.

The idea of someone pissing on another person’s shoe at Ward Parkway Center was such an absurd idea to me, I actually googled “pissing on shoe” to see if it was an euphemism for something else. I regret said decision. Now, all I’m picturing is a man pissing on another man’s shoe outside Trader Joe’s.

Stranger things have happened in KC, I suppose.

I’m horrified at the possibility that there are men on the highway who think that because I looked at them, I want to have two kids and some fish with them. I was probably locking eyes because you’re a shitty driver or wanted to see if the bumper stickers on the back of your truck matched the stereotype. I will take your bank account, though.

This is a very interesting post. First, you would think they would be able to contact each other without Craigslist, as they’ve gone to Chiefs games together before. And then they held hands? Even though they were with their significant other? I have a lot of questions and I need some answers. Time to investigate further, Sprots fam.


Welp. Go Chiefs!

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