The Miracle in Manhattan: Part One

The Miracle in Manhattan

Saturday, April 22 marks the first day for the 2017 season of K-State football. It also marks the day

the world gets to see Dan Youngman’s film “The Miracle in Manhattan”. I am shook. I can honestly

say that the film made me laugh and cry. I had goosebumps the entire time. As a K-State fan, it is the

best tribute to the man that completely changed the trajectory for K-State sports and the university,

and this is only part one.

I was fortunate enough to have gone to a private early screening presented by the Snyder

Leadership Legacy Fellows Program. This amazing program provides students going into their final

year at K-State an opportunity to develop their leadership skills through Coach Snyder’s 16 Goals.

For more information please visit: here..

Being able to watch the film with Coach and his family while being surrounded by this amazing group of alumni

and current members was incredible. It was like being home with my family.

For being part one of what could potentially be the greatest documentary of all time, I was moved. I

cried seeing “The Catch” by Frank Hernandez in the 1989 game vs. North Texas. I had goosebumps

when I saw the interview of Coach Snyder when he was announced as the new head coach at Kansas

State. I laughed when the players were reflecting on their first winter conditioning under the new

coaching staff. This film makes you feel everything. Mike Rowe should narrate everything. It was in a

word, perfection.

Dan Youngman, you made an amazing film. I cannot wait for more parts on the amazing journey that

is K-State Football and its amazing leader, Bill Snyder. Everyone please go watch this amazing film

and follow Dan on twitter @TheHipsterJock because we need to see The Miracle in Manhattan take over the world.