Meet Megan!

Megan is joining us as a force of proofreading genius and is taking over the esteemed role as EDITOR IN CHIEF (OR CHIEF EDITOR IDK I’M CLEARLY NOT GOOD AT MY JOB) as we begin the fall season. Check out her background in SPROTS and all her favorite teams below!

I moved to Kansas City a few years ago from Omaha by way of a 6 month stint in North Carolina. I grew up thinking Go Big Red was as normal a greeting as a highway wave and became immune to the smell of a hockey bag by age 2.

My family has season tickets to the USHL (hockey minor league-ish) team in Omaha and most of our family friends are host parents, meaning the hockey players live with them during the season. I fell in love with the sport hard and fast. The sound of blades slicing across ice cemented their place in my heart by age 9 when I had my first full blown hockey crush on Dan Ellis. 15 years later and I finally got his signed jersey. I’d say we’re going steady.

In 2008, I was a snotty teenager that thought I was too good for UNL and could only thrive at a private university. Enter: TCU. I spent a short two years as a Horned Frog, but it changed my life: I joined a sorority (ADPi until I die) and I found baseball. I went to every game freshman and sophomore year, which may or may not have attributed to me failing Chemistry twice. At the end of my sophomore year, TCU made it to the CWS and sealed my fate as a baseball fan.

Two years ago, I figured it was time to be a grown up and start following big girl sports a.k.a. no more college ball. I have always watched pro hockey, following in my dad’s footsteps as a Penguins fan. However, I had watched a grand total of one MLB game before 2013 and it was while deciding on a pro team to follow that I met the love of my life. He happens to be a Royals fanatic. Naturally, he led me into the blue persuasion and I’ve never been happier.

I am, what you call, sports magic. In the two years I have been a season ticket holder, KC has had historic seasons. You’re welcome, KC. After dragging the boy into hockey-land last year, he picked the Lightning, we watched every game and they went to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Hola, Tampa Bay, de nada. Last year I started watching the OKC Thunder half way through the season and they very nearly made the playoffs. This year I’m watching all year. Feel free to send me my presents now, Westbrook.

Other random sports I’m into, if you stuck around to read this whole thing: Tennis (Djokovic), Golf (ShanShan), Beach Volleyball (Kerri Walsh), WWE (Randy Orton), League of Legends (Hai), Women’s Gymnastics.


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