Meet Kirsty!

Editor’s Note: We are incredibly excited to introduce Kirsty as a member of the Sprots Takes crew! Kirsty will be covering her favorite teams as listed below, if you have any questions or just want to welcome her to the crew… Tweet her!


As most people that know me are aware, if I’m passionate about anything, it would have to be sports. Some of my earliest memories from childhood are from Saturdays spent at “The Swamp” (aka where Florida Gators fans spend their Saturdays in the fall) and road trips to Atlanta to cheer on the Braves.

Kirsty Braves
I get really into Braves games…


Having spent all 22 years of my life in Jacksonville, Florida one would think that I would have been raised a Jaguars fan but, I credit my undying love of the Philadelphia Eagles to the 1998 Tony Danza classic “The Garbage Picking, Field Goal Kicking, Philadelphia Phenomenon” which tells the story of a garbage man walking on to the Eagles and becoming the starting kicker.

Kirsty Florida
I’m also a diehard Gators fan!

My love of sports has led me to a sports broadcasting degree in which I’ll graduate with this coming fall from The University of North Florida, with my goal being to someday become an ESPN sideline reporter.

Kirsty Ponder
Even though he’s a Seminole, Christian Ponder is pretty cute.


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