Meet Addie!

Hello, my name is Addie and I don’t think I’m an alcoholic yet, but I certainly have my hopes high.

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One year ago I was an incredibly proud Kansas State University…. However, I am now paying off a tremendous amount of debt and am a social worker who oversees quality of life of residents living with dementia. Needless to say, life now is less joyful, but definitely more fulfilling. In what free time I do have I attend sporting events, a multitude of concerts, along with numerous bars, breakfast joints, and all the coffee places. I am fortunate enough to reside in the heart of our great city. KC, I’m talkin’ to you.


When I was a tot the fam attempted to do some serious brain washing to get me to be a KU fan/student some day. Much to their dismay I disappointed them and went to KSU because really football is just more important to who I am as a person. While at KSU I spent lots of time drinking, which is probably where my borderline alcoholism began (EMAW, am I right!?), going to football games, working, and pretending to be a successful student (fake it ’til you fucking make it). Growing up I slayed it on both the soccer field AND basketball court. Much to my parents dismay (you’re seeing the trend, yeah?) I quit BOTH those activities and resorted to becoming only a spectator to any and all sports.

Soccer has always been a huge part of my life. My old man is straight out of Holland and honestly they might as well call it soccer country. A small but might country on the North Sea: ABSOLUTE power house in the worlds favorite sport. Look out, the World Cup will be here before you know it. Because of this predetermined genetic condition of being a soccer fan, I’m particularly pleased with living in KC right now. SKC kills it. We’re very #blessed.


I can pretty much get down with any sport, as any good women should be able to do. I love the Chicago Blackhawks, KC Royals (been going to games my whole life, so your bandwagon mumbo jumbo can take a rest), the Chiefs because I feel like I have to and they’re just adorable (Tony Gonzales was my hero growing up, see attached photo), SKC , international soccer (Saturday mornings English Premier League anyone?), and of course KNVB (the beautiful, wonderful, perfect in every single way Dutch national team).

I’m awkward (according to others, I don’t see it), hilarious, a little too hip, painfully sarcastic, and usually laughing. I spend my extra time petting my old blind cat, watching The Office, listening to Pop Punk (sorry….), and hanging w/ friends. Super stoked to be writing for Sprotstakes, you guys. Super. Fucking. Stoked.
















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