In 2013, Gracey “GAT” Terrill founded a website that featured her own musings and thoughts on the sports world. With her ability to mix hot topics in sports together with her opinions, was created. While the concept was great, the idea of a bigger site with more females discussing their favorite teams was always in the back of her head. Finally in 2014 “Sprots Takes With Hotties” was created. GAT was one of the original voices behind the podcast and the multiple blog posts and eventually took over as the editor, manager and talent scout. With the addition of more “Sprotties” the site grew to reach fan bases outside of just Kansas City.

The trial and error period of the beginning has helped figure out what GAT wants Sprots Takes to stand for. The idea of females having a voice in sports is great, and the narrative behind every single SprotsT akes affiliate is something that we are proud to represent. Our writers are passionate about their teams, knowledgeable about their teams and most of all; they like to share their passion and knowledge with all of our readers. While Sprots Takes is always looking for new and exciting voices in the sports fan kingdom, we showcase females that have a melting pot of different qualities and styles of writing.

GAT is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in Marketing from Kansas State University, raising two beautiful future Wildcat kiddos, working full time as a freelance marketing consultant, producing the Sprots Takes podcast & Radio Show and probably drinking while using power tools somewhere in her house.


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Kelly Stewart, aka “Kelly In Vegas” is one of the most talented female voices in sports out there. We love working with her on K-State podcasts, betting tips and anything involving champagne. With her ability to school anyone and everyone in sports knowledge as well as “out of the box” sports betting advice, she can hold her own in any situation. You can find her @KellyInVegas on Twitter

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Joy is rocking all things Sprots in this photo and is one of our first Denver-based SprotsTakes affiliates. Specializing in rocking the hell out of some Zubaz leggings, Joy also has a knack for marketing and promotional events. With her ability to market Sprots in Denver, (aka enemy territory for Chiefs fans) we are looking forward to having her out to Kansas City to help with our promotions and meet more Sprots enthusiasts.







Mindy is a K-State grad with a passion for all sorts of sprots. Mindy is the official doctor*** of SprotsTakes!  Not only does Mindy enjoy a wide range of sprots, she also has a wide range of influences on her team choices. Read more about Mindy here!


***While GAT has dubbed her the “doctor” for all on-location ventures the SprotsTakes crew might be involved with…she is not yet an actual doctor.







Shlee Jones is the woman behind all of the Sprots Takes ladies looking fresh to death at our events. Not only is she a bad ass stylist and makeup artist, but she also has been the face behind our photography for the 2016 Zubaz calendar. Without the help of Shlee, all of us at Sprots would be lost in the wide world of makeup and beauty secrets. Shlee loves baseball, and got one of the best tattoos of all time last year after the World Series run… #BeRoyal (ON HER BUTTOCKS!)

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Meet Sprot Jr! Sarah is our youngest and most enthusiastic Sprots Takes affiliate, with a love for the Royals that you cannot imagine. Sarah is going to be talking about her love for Mizzou and all things Kansas City! Check out her full bio here:

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