Meet Sumer!

CEO’s Note: When I first stumbled across Sumer on the wide world of Twitter, I was intrigued by her obvious love for sports and outspoken ways. Not only was I excited that her passion for her teams was just as strong in person, her passion for life is just as fervent. Please welcome Sumer to the Sprots Takes crew!

Sumer Byline

You might have heard about the place that I’m from. You might have seen a movie or play with my hometown’s name in the title. You might have watched a show on Food Network that features a “Pioneer Woman” as the main personality. You might have driven through the area on the way to a sporting event or on the way to a bigger city.

If you haven’t guessed it already, I was born and raised in Osage County, Oklahoma.

Growing up in Oklahoma meant you had few options of which teams you would be rooting for in the vast world of sports. I could be an Oklahoma fan and worship at the house of Switzer & Stoops while screaming “BOOMER SOONER” and inevitably annoying everyone around me. Or, I could be an Oklahoma State fan and have T.Boone Pickens reign as the hero of our school and let Pistol Pete scare me as a small child.

In reality, being an Oklahoma native means you are usually passed down your allegiance of schools from your family. For me, that was OU. It was a forced fandom, so naturally, I rebelled and my love for Oklahoma State and the Kansas Jayhawks was born. My favorite sports? Oklahoma softball and Oklahoma State wrestling, Kansas basketball, Kansas City Royals baseball. Strange combination, but it’s what I love.

One of the main reasons I am so attached to the OU Softball program? I played softball growing up and became very involved with the sport to the point that I attend the Women’s College World Series every year and stay active in the community still. I also grew up playing soccer and love watching Sporting KC now that I have moved to the Kansas City area. One of my other favorite things growing up was working wrestling tournaments, which feeds into my love for college wrestling… specifically Oklahoma State’s team!

On a personal level, I have a deep hatred for two things in life:


Kevin Durant

I am still angry about KD leaving us and pretending he cared about Oklahoma at all. Don’t get me started, it won’t end well. I hate onions because they are just disgusting. Argue with someone else. I enjoy a good IPA. I also enjoy attending as many concerts, collegiate sporting events, pro sporting events and now Sprots Takes events as possible. Don’t ask me if I play Pokemon GO. Look forward to my articles on all of the things I mentioned above and check me out on Twitter!