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It’s almost NBA time! This is my FIRST full season of watching pro basketball and I’m pretty goddamn excited. You lucky suckers get to join me on my NBA adventure. I hope you pictured Ms. Frizzle announcing that because I did.

This may shock Kansans, but KU is NOT a professional basketball team. We don’t have a pro-ball team (neither does Missouri), so we get to latch on to the closest NBA team, the OKC Thunder. I started watching in the second half of last season, after I was enthralled by NBA All-Star week. Seriously, it’s a must watch. By FAR the best All-Star option of all of the All-Star options, you feel me?

The NBA has some characters and OKC is no exception. It’s impossible not to love them. It also helps that the team is ridiculously talented, has multiple MVP caliber players, and would have dominated the postseason last year if their lineup hadn’t been stacked with injuries. This week, I’ll introduce you to some of the team!

By far the most famous of the Thunder is Kevin Durant. KD is a star. Durant nets honors every season he plays and has been deemed a scoring prodigy. He has won an NBA MVP award, four NBA scoring titles, Rookie of the Year and an Olympic gold medal. Durant was injured for a significant portion of last season, so it will be interesting to see how he rebounds.


Zero chill.

Off the court, Durant is a businessman through and through. He owns properties around Oklahoma City, he owns his own restaurant, KD’s Southern Cuisine, he’s endorsed by all of the big guns (Nike, Gatorade Sprint, GE), and of course has his own clothing line. He has a heart of gold, too, donating to a myriad of charities every year as well as launching a kindness campaign with KIND snacks on The guy does it all.


A very close second to Durant in Oklahoma fame is Russell Westbrook. Russ is a machine. He creates scoring opportunities for his teammates out of thin air. Plus, if he’s given a lane, Westbrook loves to take it to the rim himself and is damn good at it. Last year, Westbrook was the first player since Michael Jordan himself to record four consecutive triple-doubles which is just plain nasty. He finished the year with 11 total triple-doubles.

Westbrook has a passion for fashion. He’s got his own clothing line that you will see advertised, often, during OKC commercial breaks. Through Jordan Brand, Kings, and True Religion, Westbrook covers many let’s his freak flag fly.


Did I mention they are besties?

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