Meet OKC: Novak and Payne

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The Thunder have welcomed KD back from injury and were 3-1 this week to bump up their season totals to 10-6. The Thunder sit happily in 3rd place behind the Spurs and the stupid-ass Warriors that need to lose a goddamn game already. Sadly, we don’t get to face them until February. Serge Ibaka will have to wait a few more months before getting to slam a ball down in Steph Curry’s face. In the meantime, the Thunder match-up with the Pistons tonight at 7 and Atlanta on Monday. Feel free to satiate your Thunder thirst by meeting two more of the squad below.


Steve Novak is another more seasoned player for the Thunder. At 6’10”, Novak fluxes between being a small forward and a power forward. Novak has played for many teams in his 10 year career, landing in OKC as part of a trade with the Utah Jazz last summer (we seem fond of playing tradsies with the Jazz).

Novak is low man on the Thunder totem pole for getting minutes in the game, but when his name is called, he is always ready. He is a shooting forward and has one of the prettiest three’s on the team. Novak is there to get points when the starters just can’t get it done. Other than that, he’s like a Jeremy Guthrie for the Thunder, there to pump the guys up and get their heads in the game.


Cameron Payne is listed as 6’3” in the OKC media guide, but was listed at 6’2” in college and I would venture to say even that is pushing it. Payne was drafted in June this year after finishing his sophomore year at Murray State. Cameron is a future point guard for OKC and can often be found chatting up Russell Westbrook for tips on his game.

Payne doesn’t see much play time, right now, but he will transition well into the Thunder play style thanks to his coach at Murray State who ran the same type of offense, heavy in pick and rolls and three point opportunities. Payne needs a lot of work on speed and agility, but his craftiness in playmaking as well as his mid-range floater make him a dangerous weapon at any stage.

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