Meet OKC: Kanter and Roberson

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What up, my little Thunder Buddies? We are now 6 games into the NBA season and the Thunder has a mediocre record of 3-3. The Thunder stormed out of the gates to start the season and then completely fell apart. I like to think that they are just trying out some new plays and combinations because the communication and spacing on the court right now is a shit-show. Since the Thunder has a new HBIC this year, this is highly probable. The Thunder bench has also been sorely underused thus far and I really have no explanation for that nonsense. Fingers crossed they figure it out. Soon.

Enes Kanter is a 6’11” Center (and a cutie, I might add). He joined the Thunder in February of 2015 as part of a three team trade between the Thunder, Jazz, and Pistons. In his very first game for OKC he scored a double-double, talk about making a debut!

Kanter is another foreign born player, adding to the worldliness of OKC. Though he was born in Zurich, Swizterland, Kanter is actually from Turkey and plays for them in international competition. In 2009, Kanter moved to the US to play ball in American high school before enrolling at Kentucky to play college hoops. Unfortunately, Kanter was ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA because he got paid by some weirdly named team in Switzerland when he was just a kid! (I call bullshit). Kanter continued to go to school and workout with the Wildcats, though he couldn’t play in games. And, as we all know, it didn’t stop him from getting signed to the NBA, so screw you NCAA and your stupid rules.

Kanter looks to be relied on quite a bit this year as the Thunder’s starting center, Adams, has had some minor back issues and will need to be rested often.


Andre Roberson is a 6’7” Guard for the OKC Thunder. Roberson has yet to really breakout offensively for the Thunder, but his defensive skills are top notch, which keeps him in the starting lineup most nights. OKC averages almost 4 more points per 100 possessions when Roberson is on the floor, as opposed to one of the Thunder’s more offensively minded guards. Weird, huh?

Roberson is pretty quiet about his personal life. Hailing from New Mexico, Roberson went to Colorado for his college career. His entire family is athletic with his father being an ex-pro-ball player and his mother a collegiate volleyball star. His five sisters also all played collegiate sports.

OKC’s next game is Sunday vs the Suns.

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