Meet OKC: Augustin and Collison

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Since we last met, the Thunder went 2-0 to improve their record to 5-3 for a tentative third place in the Western Conference. It’s amazing the winning you can get done when you don’t have to play 5 games in 6 days. The Thunder are back on the court tonight vs the 76ers.

DJ Augustin

DJ Augustin is a 6’0” (short, by basketball standards) Point Guard for the Thunder. If Kevin Durant is the Goose to Russell Westbrook’s Maverick, then Augustin is Ice Man (the end of the movie good guy, face-turn Ice Man, that is).

Mmmm. Val Kilmer.

The point of that tangent was that Augustin commands the second line for the Thunder and he does a damn good job of it. His court vision, ambidextrous ball handling skills, and ability to get to the free throw line make him a perfect fit for wrangling the youthful second line. In his 8 years in the NBA, Augustin has appeared in 3 postseasons with 3 different teams and almost made it 4 with 4 last year (damn those Pelicans).

Please note: He’s so good he can cross the entire court and never dribble 😐


Nick Collison

Nick Collison is a 6’10” Forward. He is, by far, the oldest player on the Thunder at 35. The youngest Thunder player is FIFTEEN years younger than him. Collison is a Midwestern boy through and through. Born in Iowa, Nick played his college years at KU and is still a huge Kansas City fan. Collison has spent his entire 12 year NBA career with OKC (previously the Seattle Supersonics).

Collison is the Jeremy Guthrie of the Thunder. He’s their hype man. He’s always positive, always praising his teammates, always having fun and inspiring his team to win. Let’s not forget those Halloween pics from his party last month. He also happens to be a pretty good defender. Collison loves the mental aspect of the game, which can be seen in his prowess of setting up screens and baiting defenders. He might be going gray, but he’s a gamer. He is predicted to be the first retired jersey in OKC.