Meet Kendra!

Hey everyone, I’m Kendra and I’m super excited for the opportunity to be involved with Sprots Takes! I’m a recent Mizzou graduate and LOVE my Tigers, which wasn’t always easy throughout my college years.. It’s all fun when you’re winning the SEC East, but it takes a true Tiger fan to cheer the boys on when you’re missing Bowl Games.. But things are looking up for the Tigers (basketballs making a comeback y’all!) and I could not be happier! My other sports love is the St. Louis Cardinals. I went to a game at 5 years old during Albert Pujols’ rookie season and fell in love! Baseball and football are my favorites, but I’m a sports lover so if there is a sporting event on 9 times out of 10 I won’t complain. (Except soccer, I just can’t do it.) – I’ll be heading out to South Carolina for graduate school in a few months so I’m a developing Gamecock fan as well. Thankfully, with the March Madness run they’re on right now it’s been easy to hop on board!

Disclaimer: I’m not a bandwagoner.

1. I will root for the underdog unless it’s Kansas or the Cubs and

2. I’m going to school there in a few months, obviously I will be a fan!

My degree from Mizzou is in sport management and event planning, so no I did not come to Columbia for the journalism program. I know, shocking! I actually chose to visit Mizzou to be able to pester my dad.. he’s a huge Oklahoma fan and back in the Big 12 days, the smack talk during our games was always fun! After a tour of Mizzou I fell in love and haven’t looked back! If you’re in town I strongly suggest hitting up Flat Branch and Heidelberg, taking a walk by the columns (*enter heart eye emoji*), and if there is no tailgating to be done then head to the Penguin because piano bars are always the best option! CoMo will always be home and the Tigers will always have my heart, but I’m also excited to see what the other Columbia in the SEC has to offer over the next few years! (That’s right I’m moving from Columbia, MO to Columbia, SC – filling out my new lease was extremely confusing for the apartment staff to review..)

As you can tell from my love of sports and the fact that my degree is in sport management, sports are pretty much my life 24/7. I’ve tried to pay attention to politics, ya know do my duty as an American, but I end up on a sports blog or see what athlete is trending on Twitter.. at least I tried right? I’ve even started my own blog, Girl Meets GAMEDAY, which covers current events in sports and entering the sports industry for a career. Again, sports 24/7! When I’m not involved with sports I can be found shopping, reading, heading to a concert, or hanging with friends and family. Some other random favorites of mine include country music (although I listen to other kinds too!), Starbucks, Instagram, a good Mexican meal with chips, queso, and margaritas, and extra inning/overtime ball games!

I hope I can entertain and inform y’all with my love of Mizzou, the Cards, and sports in general! I love some good smack talk or any conversation about sports so feel free to follow me on Twitter or send me a message on my blog!

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