Meet Chrissy!

I grew up in Topeka Kansas as an only child with two amazing parents. (and yes, I am the poster child for only children if you were wondering) Growing up, my first sentence was “Go Willie the Cat.” One of my first memories I have is watching Michael Bishop and the rest of the Kansas State football team play in the the Big 12 Championship game.

I was raised to love Kansas State sports, and the Kansas City Royals. My love for the Royals and KSU basketball  have caused me many tears at times, and also my love for a good Cinderella story (shout out to Florida Gulf Coast). I will never turn down an opportunity to talk Royals or Wildcats. I am currently a college student who takes full advantage of student night at the K and once spent all of her money in her bank account to go to the Big 12 Tournament only for K-State to lose to TCU in the first round. These teams are more than the financial aspect of it to me, they are memories and they are connections. Sports is one of the very few things in this world that connects people of all walks of life with one common cause- to cheer on their team, and tailgate!