Meet Ashley: NASCAR & Sprots

HBIC’s Note: We are pleased to welcome Ashley L into our crew of sports loving women! Not only is she a Kansas City sports enthusiast, she brings to the table an unique love for all things NASCAR!


When did you start being interested in NASCAR?
Since i was a child. I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t interested in the races. You could say NASCAR has always been big part of my family.
Do you have interest in all branches of racing?
Yes, but I mostly follow NASCAR Sprint Cup. Motor-cross and drag racing are definitely in my top three as well.
What is the most exciting parts of going to NASCAR events?
I love the noise of the cars and the smell of the track. The excitement of being right there where the race is better than anything.
If someone wanted to get into NASCAR, where should they start?
I was lucky to just be around it my whole life and I feel like that is how most fans are.  If you were to ask most NASCAR drivers and fans, they would say they have been involved in the sport since they were very young. That being said, I would be happy to help anyone who wants to learn!
What females in the NASCAR industry do you look up to?
The only female that is a constant in the NASCAR sprint cup is Danica Patrick and like most people out there, I am not a fan of hers. While I might not be a fan, I do admire her because she perseveres in this amazing sport despite all the backlash she faces as a woman drive. I don’t like her style as a drive but I hope more ladies are inspired by her career and decide follow her lead and get into the sport!