Major League Hotties: 7 Men to Tide You Over until Opening Day

When you realize that opening day is less than a week away:


I know most of the country is probably counting down the days until it is socially appropriate to constantly be wearing a baseball jersey. I am personally so excited to pull out my Cardinals jerseys and look super out of place in KC. As much as I love the sport of baseball and watching it, I think my most favorite part is the players. Attractive players make the game more entertaining. Here are seven hotties to hold you over until opening day.


  1. Anthony Rizzo- Chicago Cubs

First, let’s congratulate the Chicago Cubs for finally winning the World Series. That series had some of the best games I have watched in a long time and that is hard to say as a Cardinals fan. One of the reasons I enjoyed watching those games so much was the very attractive first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. Just look at his smile, he is attractive and he looks like he could come home and meet mom.

  1. Eric Hosmer- Kansas City Royals


He is a favorite of KC fans. His smoldering good looks are enough to make me want to watch the Royals on a consistent basis. Facial hair always makes me a little weak in the knees and his beard is that of mythical proportions. It is perfectly even and complements his facial structure so nicely. He also happens to be a pretty damn good baseball player.


  1. Dexter Fowler- St. Louis Cardinals



Man, was I excited when the Cardinals picked up this stud in the off-season trades. As a former outfielder when I played softball in high school, outfielders always have a special place in my heart. With a smile like that, I developed a crush on this new Cardinal. He is tall, dark, and handsome and I will be buying his jersey.  Also, looking at his stats for spring training, he is going to make a HUGE impact for our team offensively.


  1. Randal Grichuk- St. Louis Cardinals


Am I ashamed I just put two Cardinals players in this list? No, because it’s my list and I love my Cardinals. Also, I’m obviously the most knowledgeable on the subject. Randal is 25, gorgeous, but unfortunately is in a relationship. I call dibs if they break up.


  1. Bryce Harper- Washington Nationals



I think most of us agree that Bryce Harper is a beautiful man. He graces the cover of tons of magazines with that beautiful body. His beard, like Eric Hosmer, is that of legend. If he wanted to stare at me with those eyes I would not stop him.


  1. Matt Harvey- New York Mets



The Dark Knight is sexy. He looks hot with or without his beard. His eyes are mesmerizing and dreamy. I get lost in them whenever I watch the Mets play. He also is a pretty good pitcher. Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind being a Mets fan solely for him.


  1. Kevin Kiermaier- Tampa Bay Rays


I have a thing about eyes on attractive men. His eyes are icy and beautiful. He is tall and built. He likes college basketball as much as I do. We would get along. The Golden Glove member can take me out whenever he wants.

Honorable Mentions

  • Adam Wainwright – St. Louis Cardinals
  • Matt Kemp – Atlanta Braves
  • Hanser Alberto – Texas Rangers
  • Alex Bregman – Houston Astros


Anybody you missed on this list? Any disagreements? You can tweet me @Jinjur_18 and let me know your opinions. Baseball is full of attractive men and I can only list so many.