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It’s the end of January. Most of my resolutions disintegrated earlier this month. I haven’t eaten as much kale as I said I would. And I definitely haven’t made it to the gym for Body Pump at 5:00am like I swore I actually would this time.

And that’s okay.

I’m not disputing that eating well and staying active aren’t important… But this year, the resolutions that have actually stuck are a little different. Borrowing from our BFF, DJ Khaled, here are my “Keys to Success/How to Actually Enjoy Your Life.”

Find your tribe.

Invest your time in people who build you up and love them with all you’ve got. When those closest to you are filled with negative energy, it becomes all too easy to be negative as well. Fighting that negativity is exhausting. Do yourself a favor, and say goodbye.

Find what sets your soul on fire.

This looks different for everyone. For you, it may be cheering for a team you love, taking a class at the gym, finding your new favorite wine, or making Pinterest worthy DIY projects. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing-do that.

Make yourself a priority.

All of the kale and squats in the world are for nothing if you aren’t practicing self-care as well. Again, this is different for everyone. For me, it means turning my phone on airplane mode, listening to the perfect playlist, and relaxing in a bubble bath. It’s my time to unwind and recharge.

What are your Keys to Success? Leave yours in the comments below, or tweet me your list!


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