Love Sprots? Join our team!


This is where we should explain ourselves… With most of our writers graduating or attending K-State, it isn’t easy to say we need to include KU in our expansion. I’m sure it isn’t easy for most KU fans that basketball doesn’t start in August. The truth of it all is simple. In order to truly cover Kansas City area sports, we have to include these teams and I’m actually looking forward to having more diversity on the site. Who doesn’t want more of an old, old wooden ship?! Wait…

Anyways, if you know of a feisty female that would love to write about a team that they love, send her this way!

We have a lot of upcoming projects and events this summer and this fall that are all building up to football season so we’d love to include you in them.

If you know a girl that loves Zubaz and vodka that would be even better since that is our football season in a nutshell.

Email us your interest, background in writing (all experience levels welcome) and your commitment to writing level (weekly, monthly, bi-weekly)