LoL Season 7 Rewards Released

All of your blood, sweat, and Red Bull fueled nightmares finally have a tangible payoff as the League of Legends rewards have started rolling out. Last week’s patch brought players into the official LoL preseason. The season 7 rewards were released within a week of the patch-which is pretty speedy by Riot’s standards.

Season 7 Rewards

Ranked Rewards


*Bonus! If you don’t already own Graves, you get him for free!*

This year’s Victorious skin is for Graves. Riot let players in on their secret to picking which champion skin to gift their community with in Ask Riot. Riot staff picks a champion to design a skin for during the Spring Split. They choose a champion that is popular during the split in pro play. They will not give duplicate Victorious, Championship, or Conquerer skins, so champs like Ashe, Karma, Zed, etc are out of contention. Riot also chooses a champion that isn’t expecting a big rework or major skin release throughout the season. Lastly, Riot does not pick any champion that has a limited skin pool like Illaoi or Yorick because they don’t want players to feel like they “don’t deserve” to wear the skill based skin.

Honor Rewards

In addition to ranked rewards, Riot is doling out Honor Wards Skins as well. Players earn a colored ward skin based on the highest honor level achieved in season 7. Riot will continue to give players a profile insignia that will display in the LoL client as well on LoL websites like and LoLking. Riot will be maintaining the loading screen border based on recent honors received as well.

Congratulations, Summoners, on all of your hard work! A skin and some flair might not be worth the keyboard and headset you demolished when you threw them across the room midseason, but hey, you’ll always have the memories.

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