SprotsGloss: L2Ms (Last Two Minute reports) NBA

In March 2015, the NBA initiated the Last Two Minutes reports or L2Ms. The L2Ms are detailed reports breaking down the final 2 minutes of the fourth quarter or any overtime period if the game is within 5 points. These reports are to provide transparency in calls made by referees. Every call and non-call (read: missed call) is detailed in the report. L2Ms are generally released the next day.

The point of L2Ms is a positive one. The NBA boasts a 90% rate on correct calls by referees and wanted to publish L2Ms reports to substantiate that. However, that would require us to live in Fairy Land where there are such things as rational fans. Of course fan bases will not look at the 45 correct calls the refs made across the NBA any given night in the last two minutes.  They will only see, harp on, pine over, and whine about the ONE that was missed. Queue the pointless fan hypotheticals.

As you can imagine, referees are not huge supporters of the L2Ms. Nothing like having your flaws pointed out on the internet to a fan base that probably lost the game and is looking for anyone to blame. But, players, too, have spoken out against the L2Ms and understandably so. They are stupid for one huge, glaring reason: they change nothing. So the NBA wasted time paying someone to comb through 120 seconds of film and they found an error made by a referee in the game the night before. Does the score change? Nope. Why bother?

The NBA only looks to expand their L2Ms reports. I am all for that, if they start invoking scoring changes as well. However, this would require the NBA to go to more of an NHL type of points for wins/ties leader board system (as I have campaigned for) which will probably never happen.

Here is a link to the NBA’s official website that posts the Last 2 Minutes reports as they are available.


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