Keep Hope, KU: Decent Big 12 Football Programs Aren’t Built in a Day

This past weekend KU hosted West Virginia in Lawrence, Kansas. The Jayhawks lost 56-34. Now, I am not saying a 22-point loss isn’t a big deal. However, that doesn’t mean KU has not improved.

Bender certainly has room for improvement, but he has shown he is here and ready to work. Herbert also had an amazing game (one of the best rushing games in Jayhwaks’ history by a player). KU was in the game (42-34) until the end of the 4th. Sadly, my guess is that this won’t be the only loss we see like this one this season. However, being in the game up until the end is an improvement from years past.

I respect David Beaty and believe that his vision for the KU football program is a lot bigger than being a “decent” football team. Beaty wants greatness and expects a lot from his players. While the road ahead might be long, I encourage KU football fans to stick around. This program won’t change in a day (or a month, or even a season for that matter). The Lawrence team has shown they are committed to their football program by the plans of renovation for Memorial Stadium.

Even though the Jayhawks still have a lot to figure out as a team, go out to games, stay till the end even if they are losing by a ton. Support our football program, we have seen what a thriving KU program can do and what kind of atmosphere we can create. What better season that now to do the same for football?