K-State played football on Saturday?

Thanks to a misinterpreted halftime show, no one is talking about the football game that took place.

The team we were supposed to beat, we beat. WOO HOO! 

THIS is what was supposed to happen. A friendly shot at in state rival, Kansas Jayhawks, with a spaceship from Star Trek:













According to KU fans, this is what actually happened:















Do you really believe that the DIRECTOR OF THE BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND would purposely make a Jayhawk appear to be getting a dick in it’s beak? A man that has nothing but the highest respect from his students and fellow staff members? DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT IS A THING THAT HAPPENED?! Well if you do, please stop reading this because I’m about to offend the shit out of your precious eggshell of a mind frame.

After watching the halftime show live on K-State HD TV, because our shitty game wasn’t televised nationally… the only people that saw the whole thing live? This is what we saw:

Looked like a legitimate space thing that Star Trek fans would know more about, but to the rest of our sick minds… it looks like a Jayhawk and a giant dong. Wait, no it doesn’t. IT LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUAL SPACESHIP YOU FREAKIN SICKOS.

Excellent point, Brandon.

William Shatner for commish!
If you are a K-State fan and don’t follow this guy, you’re doing it wrong:

And one last thing:

Seriously, this has turned into a “follow Jon on Twitter” and “here are some more embedded tweets!”

Don’t worry, I won’t start doing slideshows any time soon.

The biggest problem I have with this situation is that people are once again SOOOOO offended by something that wasn’t intentionally sexual, but was interpreted as sexual by people who watched it out of context. Beating a dead horse is what media does best, so I’m done talking about this. To call this “embarrassing” of Kansas State University is simply showing your complete ignorance to what actually happened and allowing manipulated and carefully selected video fill ideas into your head.

/end topic discussion.

Kansas State lost a quarterback with Jesse Ertz in the first few snaps of the game. Wonderful. We now have Joe Hubener, a guy that has never started a game at quarterback EVER, starting the road game at UTSA. Morgan Burns opened the game a bit better with a touchdown return of 100 yards. This was somewhat refreshing to see that someone else besides Tyler Lockett can do that for the Wildcats. With Charles Jones heavy on moving the ball downfield, it is obvious that K-State is going to rely heavily on the run game until working out kinks with receiving core. The only setback in working out said kinks in receiving core? Getting them used to a new QB on the road in an environment that could give the young Wildcats a lot of trouble.

While Bill Snyder is a wizard and tends to pull things out of thin air (like highly talented and consistent players) I would be highly impressed if we went 7-5. Not every season is a 9 win ranked season. Not every season is a 2-10 season. But I do know that what I saw out of the scrappy little wild kittens on Saturday makes me optimistic that we can go into UTSA and come out with a “W.”