Kentucky: Getting Geared Up For The Gators

Remember when I said that Kentucky football would win so many games that it would trigger a world ending apocalypse? Have you seen the news?! For those of you that haven’t, there is a man predicting a planet that is nowhere to be found will hurl itself into the earth on Saturday taking us all out. It just so happens that Kentucky plays Florida at home, at night, under the lights, looking to end a 30 game losing streak. Looks like the stars might be aligning (pun intended) for a miracle night for the Wildcats and the Big Blue Nation is ready to celebrate.

3-0 Kentucky

The Cats put up an impressive defensive effort against South Carolina last week on the road giving them a 4 game winning streak over the Game Cocks. After giving up a 68 yard touchdown on the first play of the game, Kentucky’s defense showed up for the rest of the game. A goal line stand, and another 4th down stop are just a couple of the most impressive highlights of the game. Add to that the offense working like a methodical machine, marching down the field on long scoring drives and converting several third downs and the Cats looked like they just might belong in the SEC.


Will the World End Saturday?

But all that could go by the wayside after Saturday night. Not because of the apocalypse, but the Gators who are looking to quiet the BBN and come away with yet another win in their long history against UK.   Florida is coming off a hail mary win over Tennessee. If you haven’t seen that game winning pass, what rock are you living under? The Gators are 2-1, on an emotional high, and are ready to stand on their proverbial doormat that has been Kentucky for the last 30 seasons.


The fact that Kentucky will be at home, it’s a night game, and a sell out at Commonwealth Stadium Kroger Field, the momentum will definitely start out with the Wildcats. If the defense shows up like it did last week, and Kentucky can sustain long scoring drives and eat up some clock, I think that there’s a legit chance the streak can end. I’ve never seen a win over Florida in my lifetime. (Except for that time in 2014 when the refs didn’t realize the clock hit 0:00 and the game should have been over but instead they let Florida snap the ball and of course they scored a touchdown and won the game.)

Going Out On a Streak

I’m still sticking with my prediction from before. I think that if the world’s going to end Saturday night, I can at least die happy. I say that all the conditions are right for a Kentucky streak ending victory over Florida. It will be close the whole time and I may or may not have 20 mental breakdowns while watching the game, but I believe the final score will be 24-21 Wildcats. Will the Cats be 4-0 after Saturday? Leave a comment or catch me on Twitter and let me know what you think!


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