Gaming with Glitter Bae: KCGameOn and League KC Finals

Three days later and I’m still not recovered from a weekend completely packed with competitive League of Legends play. This Saturday, a few hundred of my closest friends and I spent 13+ hours gaming at KCGameOn. In case you missed my article detailing what KCGameOn is as I experienced my first LAN (4 events ago!), check it out here!


I’ve now transitioned from being a gamer at these events to shoutcasting. Shoutcasting is akin to normal sports commentators, but with a bit more pizazz. It’s a lot like WWE commentary, actually. I fancy myself as the next JBL. They don’t call me Glitter “salt” Bae for nothing.

In the end, summer sweetheart, team “Boosted”, dug themselves out of the loser’s bracket to take home the big win after a day full of double-elimination play. You can check out some of the games and all of our commentary archived on .

League KC Finals

On Sunday, League KC gathered at NovaStar Gaming’s new location in Shawnee Plaza for the LKC Season 1 finals. What are those, you might be asking? League KC ran an 8 week in-house competitive circuit for Plat/+ teams and Gold/- teams. The final two teams in each division, after a best of 3 playoffs last weekend, went head to head in a best of five for the grand prize.

KC Adversity challenged Azio eSports for the title in Plat/+. The series went the full 5 games and was filled with dramatic ups and downs that nobody could have predicted. Azio eSports would end up going home as LKC Season 1 champions. The Gold/- was far more tame as team STL would be named champions over KC Crimson. You can rewatch all of the action on .

If you think any of this is badass (because it is) and don’t want to miss the next round, you’re in luck! You can check in with for updates on the next LAN in October. LKC Season 2 will be starting up before we know it. If you want to play, join the League KC discord found at . Or follow League KC on Twitter to be in the know.

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