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by @sprotsgat GAT360

Kansas State won a conference game and no longer has the same conference record as the circus act that is the KU football program. While it is comforting that Kansas State is not as bad as their in-state rival, the Wildcats face a test going into Lawrence this Saturday. The Bill Snyder led team may have cranked out a much needed victory this past weekend, but they did so in typical “cardiac cats” fashion. Heading into Memorial Stadium this week should mean K-State fans can rest assured that our team will win and do it effortlessly, but alas, I am not convinced.

The Jayhawks are not good.

This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Thankfully for KU fans  their school has a solid basketball team that shouldn’t have any problem dominating the conference this year (except for pesky Iowa State) and going back to March Madness, as always. Choose your battles, Jayhawks.

The opening lines on Saturday’s football game are tempting due to rivalry aspects, but I will be abstaining from betting on the game out of superstition. The Sunflower Showdown is usually more of a test of Kansas State livers than that of a stressful matchup. This year could prove differently.

A few things that K-State has improved significantly:


Bill Snyder showed great animation on the sidelines against Iowa State and visible frustration with his team. This means he is showing progress towards firing the coaches that need to GTFO, right?

Game Winning

After we won the Iowa State game, our game winning skills improved by one victory.


In all seriousness, this team will be lucky to win the last three games and be bowl eligible. It might be a “Cash 4 Gold Bowl”, but it would at least be better than the “Toilet Bowl” or in Kansas’ situation, the “No Bowl Ever” bid.
Prediction: Kansas State 37, Kansas 19

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