Kansas Football Preview Week 7

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Let me preface this Kansas football game preview by saying this: No one likes Baylor. I can say that with complete confidence. (See: sexual assault scandal.)

Now, KU football travels to Waco for Baylor’s homecoming game on Saturday. It’s in everyone’s best interest to root for the underdog this wee

k. (And if you followed along with the SprotsTakes “Question of the Week,” you’ll know we’re watching out for upsets this weekend.)

Wondering how Kansas has fared in recent seasons against Baylor? It hasn’t been pretty.



2010: L 7-55 (Waco)

2011: 30-31 OT (Lawrence)

2012: 14-41 (Waco)

2013: 14-59 (Lawrence)

2014: 14-60 (Waco)

2015: 7-66 (Lawrence)


The last time Kansas had a chance at beating Baylor was when I was a freshman in college. I remember that game vividly. I thought the team might actually win a game in the Big 12, and upset one of its fierce opponents. Plus, Heisman winner, Robert Griffin III almost lost to the worst team in the Big 12. Now, that would’ve been a great moment.

I don’t think Kansas, realistically, has much of a chance against Baylor. The Bears average 42.6 points per game, and Kansas allows 33 points per game. One can assume that the statistic won’t change Saturday. The Kansas defense will get worn out from being on the field 99.99% of the game. But I can’t help being optimistic that someday, maybe someday, the Jayhawks will pull off an upset. I mean, it almost happened last weekend at home against TCU.

In my season preview post, I predicted Baylor to defeat Kansas 45-14… Baylor is a 35-point favorite over Kansas. (96.8% chance on ESPN that the Bears will eat a Jayhawk or 10.) The game will be on FoxSports1 at 2:30pm tomorrow. If you wanna do a little day (binge) drinking, try this out.

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