Kansas City Proud

Editor’s Note: Court joins us as resident Royals & K-State writer and can be reached at court@sprotstakes.com


My name is Courtney,

I have had a love and passion for sports for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents graduated from Kansas State and have had season football tickets my entire life. So I grew up attending games, sitting in Section 13 Row 6. At a young age and before I really knew what college was I knew that Kansas State was where I wanted to go.

I’ve had this view my whole life!
Destined to Bleed Purple











I graduated from K-State in 2011 with a degree in Parks and Recreation. While at K-State I was student volunteer for the football program. It was a dream come true.

Court Jordy
No big deal, just one of the best wide receivers of all time, Jordy Nelson!
Bill Snyder is Court’s best friend



I was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri. People would give me funny looks when I told them my desire to attend Kansas State. Growing up in Kansas City not only was I passionate about Kansas State but also The Royals and The Wizards (the soccer team). The Chiefs were not on my radar of teams I was passionate about. I love football and it is my favorite sport, but the NFL was somewhat foreign to me since I put so much of my passion into the games that took place on Saturdays in Manhattan. I started to follow the Chiefs more as I got older throughout high school at Oak Park and in college. I love attending Arrowhead for football games. It is one of the best atmospheres to watch a football game. My love of the Chiefs is still growing. I love the City of Kansas City, its sports teams and can’t wait to write about Kansas State athletics and Kansas City Sports.